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Our AIR|SHIELD™ range of products represents the core of our innovative, inflatable protective packaging solutions. It replaces the now outdated, traditional packaging materials such as; Polystyrene (EPS), foam, cardboard and bubble wrap.
The AIR|SHIELD™ effectiveness in delivering unparalleled protection (impact & vibration) is only equaled by its simplicity in use! It’s unique multi-cell design, low cubic area, cost saving (compared to traditional packaging alternatives) and automation options for improved packaging efficiency puts the solution ahead of the game.
The AIR|SHIELD™ range is currently used in a variety of industries / sectors including Healthcare, Automotive, Aviation, Kitchens & Bathrooms, ITC Refurbishers, Rent-to-Buy retailers. It enables a wide variety of goods to be shipped through the most challenging distribution channels with minimal damage.
Even better, AIR|SHIELD™ reduces your overall packaging cost and eliminates the requirement for unnecessary outer cartons which is good for the environment and great for your bottom line!

  • 30% lower cubic size than traditional alternatives, lowering distribution costs
  • Significant storage, logistics and inventory control savings
  • Individual cell valving means complete fail-safe redundancy from deflations
  • Reduce and rationalise the number of cartons and packaging weight
  • Improved brand and company image - remove messy Styrofoam, carton, polystyrene and foam chips!
  • Improved sales opportunities – 30% of eCommerce customers state that damage / poor packaging gives a
  • Improved customer satisfaction feedback - recent survey by Avery** identified… “30% recipients stated damaged packaging made recipients feel the sender wasn’t trustworthy or reputable…”
  • Reduced waste into the domestic stream
  • 100% reusable and recyclable

** - Avery Survey of 2000 UK Business & Consumers, May 2016

The benefits of protective packaging

Environmentally Responsible

A fully recyclable product that also reduces external carton sizes - reducing packaging material and transport cost, waste and CO2 emissions.


Improved Protection

AIR|SHIELD™ innovative protective properties significantly reduce damage in the most challenging distribution networks.



All our products are reusable and recyclable. Unrivalled waste and transaction savings within closed loop supply chains. 


Simplified Handling

Delivered palletized either flat or on rolls, our solutions will increase your packing performance, reduce cost and increase productivity.


Reduce Storage Space

Minimal storage required compared to other solutions such as EPS or Styrofoam and reductions in carton SKU ranges, saving money and space.


Reduced Volumetric Size

Reduces volumetric dimensions by up to 30% - lower shipment costs of single parcels and increases pallet utilisation.


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