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Our hybrid TV transit solution was developed to optimise the protection of large LCD/LED/PDP TV’s across challenging distribution networks within forward and reverse logistic environments.
The TRANS|CASE™ sets the benchmark for transporting 36" - 80" TV panels in stand-off / stand-on configuration. TV Panels sit within a polypropylene and steel framed shell, lined with a mixture of high-density foam bulkheads and encased in our unique range of patented AIR|SHIELD™ inflatable End Caps and Blocks.
The lightweight, high-impact resistance of AIR|SHIELD™ components pneumatically suspend and support the TV panel from shocks and vibration during transit.
Other traditional transit methods simply re-direct the shock energy which can damage the TV panel and its delicate internal components. Often, such packaging loses its protective qualities following a single impact or shock event.
How do we know all this? Because we already have thousands of units in circulation that have operated faultlessly for over 3 years in challenging commercial environments.

  • Reusable transit solution reducing packaging costs and CO2 footprint
  • Significant cost reduction by minimising Damage on Arrival, Repair and Parts Costs
  •  Increased revenue by reducing BER and increasing resale values
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – no disposal waste packaging material
  • Enhance company image – improved customer service.
  • Rental Scheme available
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty and/or 120 -140 transactions
  • Repair and Parts Service
  • End of Life / Disposal options.

The benefits of protective packaging

Environmentally Responsible

A fully recyclable product that also reduces external carton sizes - reducing packaging material and transport cost, waste and CO2 emissions.


Improved Protection

AIR|SHIELD™ innovative protective properties significantly reduce damage in the most challenging distribution networks.



All our products are reusable and recyclable. Unrivalled waste and transaction savings within closed loop supply chains. 


Simplified Handling

Delivered palletized either flat or on rolls, our solutions will increase your packing performance, reduce cost and increase productivity.


Reduce Storage Space

Minimal storage required compared to other solutions such as EPS or Styrofoam and reductions in carton SKU ranges, saving money and space.


Reduced Volumetric Size

Reduces volumetric dimensions by up to 30% - lower shipment costs of single parcels and increases pallet utilisation.


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